On Friday evening, August 1, at 7pm there will be a PEANUTBUTTER and POEMSCAPES 

fundraiser at the Calvary Episcopal Church, 2840 Hendersonville Rd., Fletcher, NC. 

Price of admission is one jar of peanutbutter, which will be donated to the church’s food pantry. 

Carol Pearce Bjorlie, poet and cellist, will read her poems. Carol and her husband, Leo

Bjorlie, will play duets on cello and double bass. Photo collages combining Carol’s poetry

and photos by Ruthie Rosauer will be on display. ImageC


Poemscapes at Hendersonville Library April 11, 2014

Many thanks to all of you who attended Poemscapes at the Hendersonville Library on April 11, 2014. And a big thank you for Sarah Hudson, library liaison, who helped us set up the exhibit. It was our very first opportunity to project photos onto a large screen for the audience. There were also some photographs matted and framed for viewing, but I think the projection onto the screen really made this event special. Well, that and Carol’s offerings on the cello: Summertime, Ashokan Farewell, Eccles’ Sonata and, of course, a Bach cello suite!

Ruthie (on left) and Carol (with cello) at Hendersonville Library April 2014.

Ruthie (on left) and Carol (with cello) at Hendersonville Library April 2014.

Flower Girl

For those who are waiting for Spring. For those who have seen the first brave
signs of Spring — robins, daffodils, forsythia — even a tulip or two . . .
but yearn for the full-blown flowers of summer. You can enjoy a plethora
of roses in this YouTube of Carol Pearce Bjorlie’s poem, “Flower Girl.”


Winter poem, pictures and musings

This has been a hard winter for most of the country. Even here in moderate North Carolina
we got over 8 inches of snow. (I used to live in Wisconsin, so I am NOT whining about it!)

I like to think of winter as a place and time worthy of its own significance — not just a
waystation to a better place and time. Winter is a time for me of dreaming and planning
(maybe this year we’ll get started on that Japanese style garden) and also a time when I
find myself temperamentally suited to hunker down and get some ‘real’ work done, such
as a project I’ve been putting off.

But even with this positive spin on the winter season it does help sometimes to be reminded
that it is not eternal. And like modern-day Persephones we will return again to the world
of flowers and fruit.

Carol has written a little poem about winter to remind us of Spring:


Even as winter approaches,
image the shimmer of soft spring,
that mad metaphor for grace,
sleeping in the raw. (by Carol Pearce Bjorlie)


Tiny icicles at Craggy Gardens. October 2013

Tiny icicles at Craggy Gardens. October 2013

Dialogue between Mountains and Trees

I just posted a YouTube of this poem yesterday.  In this YouTube Carol Pearce Bjorlie is reading the poem aloud and I matched photographs of trees and mountains, beech trees and rhododendrons, stream beds and mosses to her narration.  I love the way Carol imagines a conversation between these parts of the natural world.

Here is the link:

IMG_1101 IMG_1172 IMG_5624