About Poemscapes

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In Poemscapes, photographer Ruthie Rosauer has selected images from her portfolio of photographs and matched them with the words of poet Carol Pearce Bjorlie.

Word and image are fused into a new sensual landscape of collages and slide shows – each one a ‘poemscape.’

Poemscape performances are further enhanced by the beautiful strains of Carol playing the cello. When the venue permits, photographs are projected on a screen behind her to illuminate the words of her poems as she reads them aloud.  Photo collages mixing photos and poems are also displayed.


Carol Pearce Bjorlie is the “Poet Behind the Cello.” She is the author of a collection of poetry by the same name published by Main Street Rag and writes a monthly poetry column, “The Poet’s Voice” in Rapid River Arts & Culture Magazine.


Carol playing the cello

Carol playing the cello

Carol has a Bachelor of Music Degree from East Carolina University, and an MFA in Writing from Hamline University. She was a member of the Charlotte Symphony orchestra for 28 years and has taught music at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls and now privately in western North Carolina.

Before her recent collection of poems, Behind the Cello, her many publications include a short story in Literary Review and a poem in an anthology, The Wind Blows, The Ice Breaks: Poems of Loss and Renewal by Minnesota Poets, from Nodin Press.

Among her other performances, she was Narrator for Peter and the Wolf, 2001, with the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, Minneapolis. She was also Narrator for Charlotte Symphony Orchestra Children’s concerts, 1993 – 1996.


Ruthie Rosauer holds an MA in Economics from the University of Colorado and a JD in Law from the University of Minnesota. She is a retired economist and attorney who is an enthusiastic amateur musician and photographer. She is co-author, with Liz Hill, of a book about the power of community singing entitled, “Singing Meditation: Together in Sound and Silence” published by Skinner House. She sings with Womansong chorus in Asheville and plays clarinet in the Hendersonville Community Band. She also studies cello with Carol Pearce Bjorlie.

Ruthie Rosauer (left) and Carol Bjorlie holding a "Poemscape" collage (2014)

Ruthie Rosauer (left) and Carol Bjorlie holding a “Poemscape” collage (2014)


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